Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brynna's new face

Do you ever wonder whats going on in your little one's mind? Like when B spends 20 minutes taking crayons out of and then putting them back into the box or when she stops everything if she happens to see a clump of dirt on the floor, picks it up and holds it in the air as if to say "mimi jo wouldn't approve of how you keep your house!" until we take it and dispose of it. She will then, of course, go about destroying the rest of the house as if THAT is ok as long as the small piece of paper is taken care of.

Well, B often whips out a new funny face to put on display for a week or two before moving on to the next. The current face is what I like to call "What you talking bout Willis?" To be clear, this is not a shot in the middle of her saying something, she'll actually hold this pose for a few minutes. Jeff says she's goofy like her father, I say she's a creative genius who can entertain herself with funny faces and noises like her father. Genius and insanity are easily confused.

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