Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Russillo three

Sally, Michael and Enzo visited the Nelson's yesterday for a bit-o-shopping and ice cream eating. Apparently B-girl loved Michael and vice-versa. Michael even entertained Brynn while Marcy shopped. I'm guessing that for that reason alone we'll be seeing more of Michael in the near future. Hopefully Brynna gets this older man thing out of her system soon...

Click on the picture for a video of Michael and Brynna playing.

Ok, everyone should stop reading right about now...

Oh yeah, did I mention that after having three kids under six in the house for a couple of hours I've seriously thinking of having my testicles removed and saved in a jar of pickle juice? There is no freakin way that I could handle that kind of carnage on a daily basis and with pickled berries we'd at least be safe from having three of our very own. I don't know how my parents did it with three boys, I'm guessing that is why the bought 200 acres of land because I think that is how much space it takes to keep three boys from killing each other. Anyway, I can always get some neuticles to take their place. I'll take the extra large because I'm worth it.

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