Monday, April 03, 2006

He who shall not be named.

Remember way back when I did a post on the names of some of Brynna's toys. Well all of those toys have now been passed over for new and better things, except for one. Guess which one that would be. I'll give you a minute... Thats right dildoey. Wouldn't you know it that the one toy that I made up the name for (and a totally inappropriate one at that) would be the one toy that Brynna still loves. In fact, if she were to only have one toy, I'm sure that this is the one that she'd pick. Big suprise. So to be sure that one of B-Girl's first words doesn't happen to be dildoey, we've decided to simply call it doey for now or "he who shall not be named" cause if dildoesy does happen to be her next word, you can be sure to find a death mark above my head. Posted by Picasa

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