Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Big Day!

The DAMNelsons had a big day yesterday. After work I cruised into Bath to pick up the new (used) mom wagon we had purchased on Saturday and also to pick up a new vacuum because our old one went toes up the other day. Well, I got home with both and Marcy proceeded to put together the vacuum and vacuum the whole house, and I do mean the WHOLE HOUSE, twice. I had been home with the car for over an hour and I asked if she liked the look of it sitting in the driveway and she said that she hadn't even looked at it yet. She hadn't even looked at it because she had spent the last hour doing things with the vacuum that would make a Tijuana prostitute blush. I'd swear the f'in thing had a spin cycle and whoever said that you shouldn't give your wife a vacuum for her birthday/anniversary anyway? I got a better reaction out of that thing than anything that I've ever gotten her.

Oh yeah, and Brynna did something cute too or something.

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