Thursday, September 29, 2005

Its weird, I almost feel human today. Not sure what is going on here but Brynna fell asleep when we wanted to go to bed last night and then slept for some reasonably long periods between feedings as well. I was tired as hell when I first woke up but I'm feeling like a million bucks right now.

I also introduced the bottle last night before bed... and then when I was done with my beer (ba da bum) I gave Brynna her first bottle last night as well. She didn't care for it too much at first but once she realized that it was full of milky goodness she was all over it like beads at Mardis Gras. Hopefully this will mean that Marcy will be able to get some me time soon since she'll be able to get away for more than an hour. Of course, when the grandmothers catch wind of this I'm sure that they'll be scratching at the door wanting to take her for the day. I think that I'm comfortable with that but I'm not so sure that Marcy is yet. We'll see.

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