Thursday, September 01, 2005

The intelligence of dog

Every time that we take Chancy-pants out for a walk in public we are constantly stopped by people wanting to pet him and to tell us how handsome and beautiful he is yada yada. I have often said that if I were a teenage boy I would be walking that dog through town every damn day cause teenage girls are at your mercy when Chance struts his stuff. While everybody thinks that Mr. Pants is handsome you will never hear anyone say how intelligent he looks or acts! Take last evening for example. The remnants of hurricane Katrina were blowing through but we were getting no rain at the moment so we let Chance out to play and do his business. Because of the rain earlier in the day we had some standing water behind the garage so Chance spent the better part of an hour splashing in and barking at said water completely soaking himself in the process. After he had been out for a while the rain actually started. Nothing too serious, just a steady light rain. What does Chance do? Continue to play? Nooooooo, he retreats to the garage to get out of the rain! WTF!??! Doesn't he realize what he has been doing for the last hour??? He won't be going to any MENSA meetings anytime soon.

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Dena said...

hey rick...when are we going to hear about Brynna! Slacker! Get to it, I can't wait!