Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Drumroll please...

Brynna went in for her two week check up yesterday and apparently she's been busy! This probably came as no suprise to Marcy since Brynna has been treating her like her own personal chuck wagon but in a little under two weeks the little parasite has put on another pound! She is now up to 9lb 6oz but still at the same length so she's filling out. She's already got two chins and shooting for the third I'm sure. She was also put on zantac to help with her reflux. We'll see if it helps. She's been spitting up half of her food after every feeding so hopefully this will help her keep it down and make her a bit more comfortable and able to sleep better. Fingers crossed. We hit one milestone last night. Baby girl actually slept for over two hours in her pack-n-play next to our bed so that mommy and daddy could actually sleep without the squirming, rooting little bedhog keeping us up all night.

Oh yeah, and nobody ever told me that something so small could let such huge farts! She's a machine I tell ya. Its enough to make a daddy proud...(sniff, tear in eye).

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