Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The grass is always greener...

Marcy and I stopped in at Subway last night to grab a couple of sandwiches for dinner. We had taken the pets to the vet after work and didn't have the energy or time to cook dinner so we were slumming it. Anyway, I got a 6" something-or-other and Marcy got a 12" something-else-or-other so that she'd have half left over for work today. We get home, marcy grabs half of her sandwich and I grab mine and we plop down in front of the idiot box. As we always do (or she always does and I usually forget) we each try a bite of each other's sandwich. After trying both I decide that I like her sandwich better than mine. Oh well, isn't that always the case. A few minutes later Marcy glances at my sandwich and says "are you eating my sandwich?". Of course I'm not right? Didn't I just try both and inform her that hers was better? Well upon further inspection, I was in fact eating the other half of her sandwich! What a dumb-ass. I'm still thinking that her half of that particular sandwich did in fact taste better.

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