Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Are we there yet?

Well, Marcy and I are patiently awaiting the arrival or Brynna. Yeah, f-that! We're getting damn impatient! It seems like everybody around us is having their babies. Kevin and Tina had theirs last week, Jen and Tom had theirs on Monday and Kevin's sister had her twins yesterday and we expect Dena's to come shooting out any day now. Wait, whats that sound? It sounds like cubicle Joe is having his right now...oh wait, maybe he just had mexican for dinner last night.

Joe about to give birth to a brown baby boy.

Anyway, I know that we technically have two weeks left and we'll probably be begging for this baby free time in a month or so but we're ready now damnit! As a result, we're doing everything that we can to coax that little sucker out of there. If you don't already know what some of those methods are, trust me you don't want to hear it here.

I guess I've been crude enough for one post. Later

(I apologize to any coworkers who were harmed in the making of this post)


Joe said...

Those sounds you heard was me straining against the pain of having to sit next to you every day. The horror.

rick said...

don't worry, you won't have to endure the pain much longer my friend.