Friday, October 16, 2009

someone's into books

books, books, books. These days, B is all about books. We've always read a couple of books to her before bed every night so it's no surprise that she enjoys stories but the way that she's recently taken to doing work books is pretty astounding. In fact, last Friday on a B and Me day, we sprinted down to Freeport to Plan and Learn to pick up a few new books from their freakin awesome collection. Literally 1000's of books in that joint. We'll go back sometime when I have a sleeping bag and a couple days worth of necessities. Anyway, we got a few books and B was so excited that I turned the interior light on for her and she worked in the book the whole way home. Thankfully, she balances out Marcy's nerdiness with some of my artyness (you should see the killer three legged cat she drew for me) and spends most night before dinner sketching in a picaso-esque style.

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