Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rest In Peace Buddy

Friday afternoon, after fighting cancer for over a year, Chance finally lost his battle. The day was inevitable, and in reality he held on for a lot longer than anyone expected. I had hoped to write more but I'm having a hard time finding the words (it's 4am two nights later and I still can't sleep) so insteat I've pulled a bunch of my favorite photos of Chance together to share again.

We'll miss you buddy. Love you.


The Doane Home said...

Hi guys....Sorry for the loss of your good buddy....these pictures are priceless.

Suz said...

Hi guys, I am really sorry you lost Chance, looks like a cool dog....It sucks and is never easy, but just try to remember the good stuff.

David Brian and Tessa Jaine said...

Sorry to hear about Chance. I know he was a very important part of your family!

Marcy said...

Thanks all. He certainly had a huge presence in our lives. I keep forgetting and putting Brynna's leftovers on the floor.

Channing said...

so sorry for your loss

Bill said...

Rick, Marcy & Brynna,

I'm really sorry to hear about Chance. I didn't even know he was fighting cancer. At least he's not suffering and you'll always have great memories of him.

- Bill