Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not many blog posts lately. Sorry about that but sometimes life gets in the way and you don't have good pictures to post. And really, what good is a damnelsons blog post without pictures??? You certainly don't come here to see my bastardization of the english language with multiple misplaced commas...

With the impending winter, we've been going gangbusters on the house's siding and heating system which has meant that I've had precious little time with the spud recently so whe I found out Marcy had a hair appointment after work of Friday I did what any american dad would do, B and I got take out sushi and went to a playground. I've got culture coming out of my ass.

B and I had a great time and it was nice to see B start to come out of her shell. She's always been an outgoing kid if she's around people she knows but clams right up if others are around. Well, four teenagers raising hell on the playground on Friday didn't stop her (for a change) and some of her timidness with heights seemed to vanish as well. Good times.

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