Tuesday, May 19, 2009

entry roof

In my constant quest to not have anything be straight and easy on the house, I decided that we should have a sloped and angled entry roof. Good thinking, until it took a total of about 6 man days to complete. Woopsie. Maybe that is why the guys in the field always LOVE working on my jobs. Nothing worth doing is easy. Or is it, nothing easy is worth doing (I can think of a couple of arguments here! :) ).

rafters going up

and up

and up

hmmm, how we gonna cut this now???

tah dah!


rustymtb said...

Not that I did any of it, but it looks like it was worth the work. Looks badass.

rick is! said...

thanks rus

barkeater said...

love it. you for sure have the eye. SOME sort of curvy, organic, minimal, copper sort of fascia with a bent portion up to keep -water- off- heads of folks entering would be cool, PARDON the intrusion.

rick is! said...

duly noted but I suspect water will be of minimal concern since the stairs are under the middle of the roof where there is only about 2-3 feet of roof above, certainly not a deluge of water.