Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Visit with The Galvins

A couple of weekends ago the Galvins made the trek up to Boothbay - Jeff to help Rick on the house and Alaina and Elsa to hang with B-girl and me. We had a great day. The dynamic between the girls was so cute - lots of hugs and giggling and chasing each other across the footbridge. FYI - trying to hug while on the run ends in a pile of toddler legs and, thankfully, laughter.

Brynna at times was right in her glory. With Elsa being a little over a year younger B's mothering tendencies kicked in. To Elsa's credit she has a keen ability to tune out the naggings of a 3-year old. She even patiently let Brynna dress her in her snowsuit for our walk/run across the footbridge.

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