Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Imagine that

A DAMNelsons post that doesn't include pictures of the house. Go figure.

Last Friday the decision was made to take the whole day off and spend the morning getting some quality family time in. These days, more often than not, the construction of the new house dominates all leaving very little time to enjoy each others company. As much as we'd like to have a place to stay when we have to move out of our current place in May it seemed even more important to ensure that we'll still actually BE a family when that time comes, we can always sleep in a tent I guess. This has been a bumper year for snow (wouldn't you know it) and we've had no time to enjoy it so we decided to head out snowshoeing.

B is getting kind of big for her pack but I just consider it a bonus workout for me.
I she only knew where this tongue has been...

Whachu talkin' bout Willis?

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