Monday, February 23, 2009

house update

Another week and another 2 1/2 days work on the house. We're nearly closed in with just a bit of wall and roof sheathing to complete before the windows can go in and then, mercifully, we'll be able to do some work inside on crappy days (of which, we've had MANY this winter).

Interior shot of the curved roof from the master bedroom.
out the m. bedroom window
looking south from the living room

looking through the dining room into the kitchen

stopping for lunch and Marcy's beefstew.


darren said...

you forgot the quote about doing it right

rick is! said...

hmmm, that's probably because I can't remember it.

darren said...

oh well you told me to remind you if you can't do it right do it bad enough so at least it is good for the blog