Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a family affair...

On Saturday Rick headed over to the property to get some things accomplished before the big push on Sunday (see below) while Brynna and I headed into her doc's for her flu shot. She was in such a great mood, even after the needle, that we decided to surprise Rick with some coffee and the offer of help. He was over there by himself and having a tough time getting things hoisted into place on his own. Grammie Nelson had the same idea...not wanting Rick working alone. I fully expected to be there only an hour or two before the munchkin was bored. Much to our surprise that kid played, in the rain, for 6 hours straight (even missing her nap)! The ladies were able to help out and we got the sill plates into place. Grampie showed up after hunting and we hung some more joists. Brynna entertained herself by "helping" - sweeping the slab, instructing us on the dangers of a drill...

Cleaning Daddy's "mess".

Pretending to be useful.

Putting Grammie to work - on rickety ladders no less!


B informing us she has filled the gas can with water.

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