Sunday, October 19, 2008

what did you do this weekend?

While others were sleeping in, sipping coffee and enjoying the crisp fall weather, the Nelsons were getting a jump start on the framing of our house. The foundation is going in this week (hopefully!) but we're working on framing the walls at Rancho de Nelson so that when the foundation is ready, we'll have a bunch of walls to put up. My father and I worked with two of his friends for about 5 hours on Saturday and got four walls framed and ready to head to Edgecomb.

Old man Nelson and super Dave

Sunday, I was to head from Marcy's mom's place to the property to meet Marcy's dad to finish the prep for the foundation. On my ride down I spotted movement on the side of the road, pulled over and snapped this pic.

After playing stare down for a minute I decided to try riding along with the moose while taking a video. I'm full of good ideas.

After stopping the video (because I felt too vulnerable holding on with just one hand (which also held two winter gloves) , I put the camera away and rode up close to the knock kneed beast getting within 5-6 feet of it's ass. If I wanted to, I could have riden up and slapped it's ass but thought better of it not wanting an 800lb hoof up my ass.


Dena said...

What did I do this weekend? I spent most of my weekend not seeing moose. Holy schmoley Ricardo the Moose hunter.

rick is! said...

only losers don't see moose.