Monday, September 15, 2008

My new nephew

Over the weekend, the fam headed down to Newton Mass to meet my new nephew, Max. He is a good looking kid (has to be if he's related to me!) but unfortunately for him, Sunday was his bris (snippy, snippy time for you non-jewish folk). We had never been to a bris before so this was totally new territory and to top it off, I was one of the "helpers". Basically, after Max given Manischewitz wine to dull the pain, grampa and I held the poor guy down while the Mohel performed the circumcision. Thankfully, the procedure was quick and Max quieted down quickly afterwards and fell asleep.

This morning the proud parents found this entry in Max's journal:

Yesterday was day eight of my life. It started out just like every other day so far. I'm really getting the whole crying to be fed and then pooping on my parents thing down pat. Things got weird after lunch though. Mommy let me have my first wine. Sure, it was Kosher and cost $3.99 a bottle but I was eight days old so who was I to complain? I tied on a good buzz and quickly fell asleep. The next thing I know, I have a searing pain down below. I tried valiantly to free myself but to no avail. Before I knew it, I was being given more wine and soon I fell back asleep. Today when I woke up, I had a blistering headache and a bandage on my penis. I'm never drinking again.

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