Friday, September 12, 2008

A little update

Sorry we haven't posted recently. That whole selling the house and moving thing really got in the way of what is important, entertaining my singles (dozens would be WAY too much!) of readers. So what have we done, well, we had a yard sale trying to get some suckers to give us money to move our stuff so we wouldn't have to. Mission accomplished there. We finally closed on our house and have cash in hand (in bank actually). We've moved into our temporary temporary digs, the apartment at my office, until November when we move (yet again!) into a caretaking gig for the rest of the winter.

At the property, the driveway is pretty much done, it will need a final layer of gravel after construction but that's about it. The septic system is also in. There is nothing to hook it up to yet but at least it's there. Come to think of it, I may take the cover off the tank and "cristen" it proper. That seems like something I'd do. Mucho thanks to Marcy's dad, by the way, if it wasn't for him, that 500 foot long driveway would have never happened. I guess I should also thank him for having Marcy too but not until he thanks my parents for having me. Profusely.

Next up is the foundation. We'll begin excavation next week and then, hopefully, have someone come along to do the footers and icf walls.

There, now we're all caught up. Do you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Not yet? Well try this. Below are pics of Brynna, Allie and Molly running up and down the new septic at the old house on the day of the yard sale. Envision three little girls running up and down the berm screaming their lungs out. The neighborhood dogs are sooooo glad we're gone.

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