Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Marcy and I have been introducing Brynna to camping slowly over the last couple of summers. The idea is to stay close to home, make sure a beach/swimming area is near by and most importantly (for Brynna at least) that there must be older "men" around to be coy with. With that in mind, we headed to Camden Hills State Park this past weekend. It's only a 40 minute drive from home, is on the coast with lots of swimming opportunities and there is an Italian family with good looking young men for B. Mission accomplished.

Last year, we did a weekend trip to Acadia and let B sleep in her pack-n-play (thankfully we had a big tent!) but this year, since B is sleeping in a big girl bed now we decided to let her graduate to a sleeping bag for this summer. We picked one up at Maine Sport and the kid couldn't have been happier than if she were suddenly shitting Dora and Boots paraphanalia. As soon as we got to the campground, the bag went in the tent and B disappeared with her bunny. If we didn't have to yell "shoes off in the tent!" 500 times we might have even forgotten that she was there.

Overall, the trip was a great success. B slept really well in the bag, I got a ride in, we got to visit with the Rusillo's, swimming was had in two locations and Marcy and I still like each other. The trip couldn't have been a bigger success.

Brynna in her sleeping bag.

Still sleeping 10 hours after bed.

Bunny in backpack

Enzo makin his move Scuba Steve style.

Does this flower make me look fat?

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Joe said...

Hey, you've only known us for five years. Two 's's, two 'l's, pal.

rick is! said...

you and your fancy schmancy double consenants. at least you finally commented jo