Tuesday, June 03, 2008

big sister

Apparently B needs a big sister. Everywhere we go, B gravitates to the older kids, both girls and boys (just shoot me now kid, just shoot me now). A couple of weeks ago at Auntie Jen's B followed Kyla around like a lost puppy eagerly soaking up every bit of wisdom.

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Jen and Tony need help on this one. They're redoing the kids bedroom and can't decide on a color scheme so they've put up some samples that you can clearly see in this photo. Jen likes the fake wood paneling but Tony prefers the flowered wallpaper. Leave a comment on which direction you think they should go!


jen said...

Pretty funny coming from a man wearing pumpkin orange crocs with a big brown stain on his ass in one of the pictures above! My poor taste obviously extends to my friends as well (Marcy excluded, of course)!!! :-) It's a good thing, RICKY, that I love your wife and child...

rick is! said...

that stain on my ass isn't brown. it's actually vaseline. fo rizzle.