Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the red poop diaries

As I mentioned previously, B has finally begun using the potty. First, pee alone but soon after she started to go poo as well. We are very excited she has made the switch almost entirely (still wears a diaper at night but usually wakes up dry) but I've got to admit that while cleaning the potty after she pees is no big deal doing the same after a big ole steaming deuce is another story altogether. For some reason I'm ok with it when she goes in her diaper but it grosses me out when it's in the potty. My issues really. Anyway, I'm getting just slightly off topic.

Last night B was complaining that her butt hurt but she refused to poop. Finally, shortly before bed, she decided it was time. Thankfully, I was working in the dining room while Marcy went with B to take care of business but it wasn't long before Marcy was hurriedly calling me in to see the spectacle. Upon entering the bathroom I immediately realized what the fuss was about. There was a log in the potty roughly the size of New Jersey (didn't smell as bad though) almost sticking out of the top. If the potty had been attached to the plumbing I would have thought it was an alligator that had crawled up from the sewer system. It was clear why her butt had been hurting. To be honest, I'm suprised it didn't make her teeth hurt too.

Marcy wanted me to take a picture but I told her I was too mature for that (this post proves otherwise) and that while I'm not above taking a pic of poo in a shoe, I draw the line here. So, sorry, no poopy picture today.


Tina Browne said...

You need to get a potty seat that fits on the big potty, just flush and done.

rick is! said...

yep, haven't found one that fits our toilet well yet though.