Sunday, May 25, 2008

knotty nose picker

The other day I was doing something-or-other in the kitchen and Brynna was playing with a piece of rope (she must have gotten tired of playing with the razor blades and gasoline). B is still just short enough that when she is at the back door, she is out of sight from the kitchen sink, just 3 feet away. It was in this blind spot that a series of grunts, huffs, sighs etc eminated for several minutes before I decided it was time to see if B was up to no good (always a good bet these days). What I found was quite impressive. B started with a single piece of rope and ended up with this:

That's right, it's her first knot. A functioning slip knot to boot. She obviously got her knot tieing skills from her mom. Marcy often works with boats so knot tieing is a skill she has picked up. Me? The only tieing I do is when I tie one on. When I do need to tie something, I tie 37 basic knots and hope for the best. As Marcy says "If you can't tie knots, tie lots"

Oh, looooook what I did!

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