Sunday, March 09, 2008


So everyone in the Nelson clan LOVES shrimp. On Friday I brought home 10 pounds of delicious, sweet Gulf of Maine trapped shrimp. A friend of mine has a business and buys directly from the fishermen. I had hoped that my dear family would assist with the picking (removal of heads and shells): Rick conveniently got "lost" on his bike commute home; Brynna was more interested in the product of my efforts and actually snagged a raw shrimp from the bowl and shoved it in her mouth before I could stop her; and Chance and Grace...well, Chance was stealing whole shrimp out of the bucket on me (I'm surprised he didn't stab his throat with the rostrum/horn) and Grace was lurking around ready to steal anything I dropped.
You want me to hold THAT?

You forgot to peel it for me...

The shrimp were beautiful! As Brynna says "yummer". You can't go wrong with 10 pounds (5 pounds of meats) for $6.
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