Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cuddling Nelson Style

Being a Nelson, B has a built-in need, no, cumpulsion to do things TO THE EXTREME!!! (I can't remember what movie that is from but anyway...). As a case in point, here is a photo montage of B doing a bit of high speed cuddling with dadda.

Ready, set, go! (try to ignore the rat tail, I need a haircut)

red headed freight train

brace yourself

try to avoid the bulbous melon (both mine and hers)

laugh like crazy.

repeat 10 times.

Now it's dadda's turn!

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Rusty said...

I believe the awful movie you are looking for is "Twister."

rick is! said...

actually I think it was from South Park. Thats my story at least.

Joe said...

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

rick is! said...

wow, two movies I never want to see again...

Joe said...

(you'll have to copy & paste)

rick is! said...

joe, you were right. that was the movie I got it from. drat. first time I've ever quoted that stinker.