Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

Halloween 2007 was B's first real trick-or-treating experience. In 2006 she technically went as well but if we're all being honest here Marcy and I have to admit we only took her last year to troll for compliments. Parents of infants are desperate like that.

Anyway, for 2007 we had planned on marching B in the Boothbay Harbor parade (hmmm, seeing a pattern here? We're compliment whores really.) but B ended up have a rough night the night before and a doctor's visit that afternoon so we decided to stay close to home and hit up a couple of the downtown streets. B started out pretty shy but by the end she was getting into it enough that if you used a laser listening device you'd just barely be able to make out the faintest "trick or treat" uttered while she looked away with her tongue between her fingers. I'm sure she was having fun though because when we left she was screaming "one more house! one more house!".

Lets see here. What will give me the energy to get through the night? Maybe some mini m&m's?

Yep, worked.

This guy almost heard her talk.

For some reason B wasn't entirely terrified of this women (I was though, just look at that face!)

All in all a successful Halloween and best of all, when we got home from work that day after Chance had eaten the entire pumpkin load of candy so we didn't have to since B doesn't care for it yet. Yet.

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