Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Retirement hopes squandered

There comes a point in each parent's life when they make the realization that their amazingly brilliant child has probably been secretly eating paint chips in their spare time because they do something so amazingly stupid that there are just no words. Its best to find out early on so you don't pin your retirement hopes on your offspring ruling the free world and being able to provide you with the retirement you deserve considering the sacrifices you made to make their life almost liveable (Except, of course, for the unfortunate teen years. Poor, poor teenagers, you have it sooooo rough.) We made our realization the other day when I discovered B will chase a flashlight beam around like some idiotic ankle biter dog with a brain the size of a concord grape. Observe:

I do have to admit though that she did somewhat redeem herself by opening the doors to limit the amount of surface area for the beam to land on. Maybe there is hope for her yet. I mean, seriously, do you think George Bush would have thought of that? I suspect after not being able to figure out what to do with it, he would have deemed the light part of the Axis of Evil and declared war on our kitchen just to save face.


Joe said...

Hey, our dog does the same thing!

Dena said...

We gave Skylar a flashlight last week, funny coincidence. While holding it herself, she ran after the spot of light for quite some time.
Maybe we should get them together for a game of flashlight tag. That could be good entertainment for all.

Marcy said...

Sadly, even our dog does not fall for that trick.