Thursday, January 18, 2007

Random B-girl Pictures

The week after Christmas, Marcy's brother (Lance) and his family came up from South Carolina for a visit. This was Brynna's first time meeting her Uncle Lance, Aunt Kelly and cousin Bryan. To celebrate, Mimi Jo and Papa Don threw a big family shindig New Year's weekend. Staying true to form, B was most interested in her much older cousin Bryan (a senior in high school!) and would readily give him kisses while holding out on the rest of her family. Below are a few pictures from the party.
Dakota's cracker is bigger than mine!
Bryan, hoping for snow during their visit, spent the evening shoveling a small strip of ice over and over again.

B with her Uncle Lance. This was towards the end of the party. They were both ready for a nap.

The following weekend B and Marcy headed to a local toy store in Boothbay Harbor with Jen and her 3 daughters. It is a pretty cool place, lots of creative toys plus an indoor playground complete with slides, a mini ball pit, tunnels and even a cafe for the parents.

Fyi- it may look like Marcy is pulling B's shirt up in the pic but my guess is that its Brynna's baby beer belly that is doing the work. She has several shirts that she can no longer wear because her belly peaks out of the bottom.

Later The Nelsons met up with The Brownes. It had been a while since the girls had seen each other. They were a little shy of one another at first bit were soon cooking together in Calia's kitchen.

Enjoying a snack on Marcy's legs while hamming it up for the camera.


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