Monday, January 29, 2007

The rambling begins

In the last month or so, B-Girls vocabulary has exploded. Most words aren't recognizeable to the untrained ear but if you spend enough time with her you begin to understand Brynna babble. For example, "yo-ya" is yogurt (which, by the way, she'll literally stop doing anything that she's doing and run to her highchair if you offer it).

She has also started to use multi-word sentences. Her most common are "hi mama/dada", thank you or "ting to" (which she usually uses unprompted now), help please or "hep pese". Quite honestly, we can't get her to shut up.

Ripping it up (yet again) on the trike. She's still not totally sure how to pedal but she's getting there.

Giving loves to "he of the giant schnoze".
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