Saturday, December 23, 2006

I guess she must be a genius

Below is an article from showing you how to determine if your little nose picker is indeed a genius like you’ve always suspected. I’ve included it verbatim from the website with my thoughts about how each particular item pertains to Brynna in parentheses.

Is Your Child a Genius?
Signs that your child maybe be gifted. (this item doesn’t pertain to B but I does seem a bit ironic to find such a blatant typo in the title of an article about being a genius)
By Kristen Finello

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, approximately 5 percent -- or three million children -- in the U.S. are considered gifted. How can your tell if your child is one of them? Here are some of the early signs of a gifted preschooler, from the American Association of Gifted Children at Duke University:

· Learns quickly and remembers easily (she gets this from her daddy, yesterday I almost remembered what I went into the bathroom for)
· Seems mature for his or her age (she’s definitely the most mature one year old in our house)
· Has a large vocabulary, displays an unusual interest in words, or already reads independently (yesterday I caught her skimming through Homer’s “The Iliad”)
· Experiments to solve problems (true, her current focus is how to get her pesky parents to let her do whatever she wants and is accomplishing her goal by systematically denying us much needed sleep thus rendering us powerless to say no the fifteenth time)
· Prefers older playmates (she digs older men, a fact that I’m sure will lead to lots of therapy for me when she gets a bit older)
· Seems sensitive (yuppers)
· Exhibits intellectual curiosity (how could my child not?)
· Shows compassion for people or animals (she does give Chancy half of her food and screams and squeals as she chases itty around the house)
· Enjoys puzzles, mazes, and numbers
· Questions authority (yes, but only when we ask her to do something)
· Seems to get bored easily (if sitting still, yes)
· Has a high energy level (only if you consider the scene from Home Alone where the Caulkin punk kid runs around the house screaming and holding his hands in the air to be low energy)

If you child has several of these characteristics, consider having her assessed by a child development expert. You can also help nurture her natural talents by reading to her and introducing her to interests such as art, music, nature, and sports.

End of article.

If you ask me, I think the person who developed the list must have had a hyper active demon child who was always acting out and was desperately trying to rationalize the reason for this. With that in mind, I propose adding one more sign to the list.

· Acts afraid of his or her own feces/urine (because, quite honestly, we have no idea what the deal is with that)
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