Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Doggy birthday

On Sunday, we got Chance together with three of his siblings for their yearly birthday melee. What do you get when you combine four large dogs sharing one brain? Answer, lots of barking, peeing, peeing some more, some skirmishes and one bloody ear apparently. Chancey pants has officially gotten his first ass whuppin, by his sister Laika no less. Early in the festivities Chance had stopped to bask in the attention of Laika’s owner when, from out of nowhere, Laika’s jealous streak got the best of her and she jumped on Chance grabbing at his big, floppy ears and knocking him over. All told, it was done in only a handful of seconds (when we pulled them apart) but Chance walked away with a bloody ear and I would assume a bruised ego. Laika, who is about 25 pounds lighter than Chance, walked away without a scratch.

This is one of several bloody towels that I used to try to stop the bleeding.

Buster, being the only dog there who still has his wedding tackle, showed his nurturing side and tried to continue the ear cleaning.

Chancey is currently on the mend and we're hoping to avoid yet another expensive vet visit but we won't know for another day or so. Posted by Picasa

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