Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yet another easter has come and gone in DamNelson's land. Side topic. Since we now no longer live in Damariscotta we're struggling with what to call ourselves. We live in Edgecomb now and EdgeNelsons just doesn't have the same ring. I mean, really, DamNelsons seems so natural. Like, if someone sees up walking up they'll mutter under their breath "here come those damnelsons". If anyone has any great ideas, we're open for suggestions.

Anyway, since we now have all of this glorious land at our disposal, we decided to do Brynna's Easter Egg hunt in the yard and woods. We've recently completed a new trail called Brynna's trail that loops around our lower lawn so the hunt included a bit of a nature hike. We've gotta foster a love of the outdoors with Brynna somehow. So what if she grows up to think that chocolate grows on trees?
Egg in a fairy house

More eggs down here!

see, chocolate does grow on trees!

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