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Christmas 2009

Not many pictures from Christmas this year. A certain munchkin has finally embraced the excitement of opening presents. It was all a blur for the camera. Christmas for the former DAMNelsons began at my Dad's house the Sunday before. Although there were four girls between the ages of 7 and 2 it was a generally relaxing time. The kids opened presents and played while the adults sat around in their post-meal comas.

B striking a pose in the hat Nana and Grampa had made for her.

The girls taking over Grampa's recliner.

Event number 2 took place at our new digs on Christmas Eve. B spent the entire day in her jammies - finally putting her dress on when she saw Uncle Rusty, Aunt Cara and Max coming down the driveway. Shorly after Mimi and Papa and Great Grammie Parker arrived. A small portion of a 16 pound rib roast was consumed (more on THAT later) followed by more present opening.

Cousins B and Max.

B and baby girl in their matching Bitty Baby jammies from Mimi and Papa. Two days later the spud finally took the nightie off so I could wash it!

On Christmas morning we welcomed the rest of the Nelson clan - Grammie and Grampie, Uncle Darren and Great Grammie Madeline. B-girl awoke at 5 a.m. ready to get things rolling. Thankfully she managed to find 4 hours of patience while waiting for everyone to arrive and finish breakfast. When she was finally unleashed there was no stopping her!

Playing in her new Tinker Bell tent with Uncle Rusty and Max.

Soon Daddy joined in...

and then Uncle Darren. The kids soon vacated (not sure if it was the smell or the fact that the tent was stifling hot) leaving three grown men in the Tinkerbell tent...

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