Tuesday, July 28, 2009

more concrete staining

for those of you brave (stupid) enough to stain your own concrete floors, here is the step by step procedure.

Step 1. chose color desired and mix stain with water
Step 2. fret because you know that once you start to stain you can't turn back. there is nothing you can do but cover it up if you screw it up! No worries, in our case it would only mean thousands of dollars to put flooring down and hours to rework doors, stairs etc...
Step 3. apply stain with a hand pump

Step 4. see what concrete looks like immediately after coating!

Step 5. continue to fret
Step 6. fill in areas as needed with a squirt bottle laced with the acid
Step 7. fret
Step 8. clean floor many, many, many times to neutralize the acid and remove any residual stain

Step 9. wait for floor to dry and just for good measure, fret a bit more

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