Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's been a while

It's been about a brazillion years since I've done a proper post over here and I apologize (or for some of you , you're welcome) but with everything going on I've had a hard time finding inspiration for a quality post and when I lack the ability for a good post I usually go the other way and just post pictures. Photo-blogging it in, if you will. Well, today really isn't any different, I've got crap to say but I'm freakin way overdue on a bunch of these photos. Speaking of crap, if I had a poo story to tell you about I'd be all over it. I can talk about poo all day. I've got hundreds of stories about poo in fact. I'm sort of the Bubba Blue of poo stories. Not poo recipes thankfully but now that I think of it, I do have a somewhat recent poo story to tell but I've already uploaded some adorable pics of B so, sadly, the poo will have to wait.

They're not poo but they'll do.

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