Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mama and Brynna Day

Being a State employee and all I had yesterday off; B-girl and I had big plans. We started the morning off by both sleeping in - me until 6 and B until 6:30 - good times! We slowly came around by watching a riveting episode of Dora. Brynna is gradually leaving the Mickey Mouse obsession behind and moving on to a full blown Dora obsession. On the plus side, she is learning Spanish - she can count to 5 in espanol and even knows words like run (corre), jump (salta), and El Zorrito (The baby fox). All thanks to a multitude of Dora inspired books and toys.

Chance was also forced to watch Dora AND LIKE IT!

Next it was off to Brittany's (my niece) cheerleading competition at the Augusta Civic Center (KVACs). Britt is 16 (yikes!) and a varsity cheerleader for Winslow High School. They are a small squad(Class B) but did a GREAT job! Brynna spent all weekend talking about going to see "Britterny" cheer. This was her first cheerleading experience and she LOVED it. When the girls were doing stunts or jumps Brynna was shouting "Look Mama, they're up high!" She even tried to demonstrate to Rick last night.

Britt's squad during one of their stunts.

Brynna calling in the standings to Papa...or so she said.

Brynna FINALLY in her cousin's arms. She spent two hours (Winslow was THE LAST squad to take the floor) asking to "go see Britterny".

Her first snow cone.

Recovering an errant bit of post-nap yogurt.

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